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GLOBE Teachers! New Atmosphere and Biosphere Learning Activities: GLOBE Data Explorations

Cover of GLOBE Data Explorations Book

GLOBE is pleased to offer nine new learning activities for your classroom – available in the GLOBE Teacher's Guide under Atmosphere and Biosphere.

These “GLOBE Data Explorations” are classroom activities developed by the UCAR Center for Science Education, a GLOBE partner, to help students learn how to analyze GLOBE environmental data while also learning atmospheric science concepts and geography.

These new activities have been reviewed by science educators and staff at the GLOBE Implementation Office and, of course, they have been field tested by teachers.

In order to access the new activities click here (or visit: Then, go to the “Teacher’s Guide Search” box and type in (using quotes): "data exploration."

A book version of the nine activities is also available by clicking here (or by visiting:

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