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GLOBE Community: We’d Like Your Feedback on the 2015-2016 Teacher’s Survey

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The GLOBE Evaluation Working Group would like feedback on the 2015-2016 Teacher Survey that was sent out to GLOBE teachers. The results from this survey, along with the results from the Annual Partner Survey, provide The GLOBE Program with information as to how to better support the teachers.

The survey was first sent in 2015, to the regional offices and to teachers directly. It was re-sent again in 2016, with a total of 339 responses collected. The purpose was to find out how The GLOBE Program actually works in schools, from teachers who use GLOBE in their classrooms.

The report includes:

  • The current status of GLOBE at schools: successes, barriers and challenges,
  • Valuable aspects of the Program,
  • Fit of the Program in the curriculum- Incorporation in the instruction process,
  • Evaluation tools used,
  • Outcomes teachers want to be able to document,
  • Outcomes that teachers have seen from implementing GLOBE,
  • Types of support needed to better implement GLOBE,
  • Types of support needed to better assess the effectiveness of GLOBE,
  • Demographic data about the teachers.

Now the Evaluation Working Group would like to hear from you. Please email with the following:

  • Existing student assessment and program evaluation tools that can be shared with other members of the GLOBE community.
  • Existing data that partners have from their studies on program effectiveness, including both short-term results (for example, student gains in learning, interests, motivation, and social-emotional development, or teacher outcomes) and longitudinal studies (for example, related to improved graduation rates, entry to postsecondary education, and career-related outcomes).

With your input and feedback, The GLOBE Program can provide the highest level of effectiveness and support for the GLOBE community.

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office