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Have You Read Dr. C’s “Wrap Up of the Urban Heat Island/Surface Temperature Research Campaign” Blog Yet?

Students engaging in Urban Heat Island/Student Research Campaign


In December 2016, The GLOBE Program hosted the annual Urban Heat Island/Surface Temperature Research Campaign (formerly known as the Surface Temperature Field Campaign). Read Dr. Kevin Czajkowski’s (campaign scientist) “wrap-up” blog to learn more about the results of the campaign’s efforts – with over 1,300 surface temperature observations from 59 schools!

This campaign offers students the opportunity to use the surface temperature field campaign data to do research projects from fourth grade up to graduate students at universities. As always, it was Dr. Czajkowski’s goal that the continued expansion of this student research campaign will help students of all ages answer interesting and important research questions, including:

  • How do parking lots affect surface temperature?
  • How does the height of grass affect the temperature?
  • What is the best color for a playground to keep it cool for the students? This project was first done by students in the Dominican Republic.
  • How does the surface temperature of grass at my school (urban or rural) compare to the surface temperature of grass at a school nearby that is rural or urban)?

The GLOBE Program would like to thank all of this year’s participants! Job well done!

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