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Keeping Up with GLOBE’s New Student Vloggers? Share in Their GLOBE Experiences!

A photo of the Student Vloggers taken from a Zoom meeting

Have you been following along with GLOBE’s 12 new Student Vloggers (video bloggers)? Vlog-style videos are filmed, in part, “selfie-style” in order to help you journey along with them as they explore and engage in the world of GLOBE.

 The GLOBE Student Vloggers have been meeting monthly with staff from the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) to learn tips and tricks in filmmaking and storytelling for their weekly YouTube vlogs. During the meetings, they have the opportunity to present to each other and share about themselves, their cultures, and any video editing tips they have learned while making video content. In addition to their vlog content, the students have been tasked with creating Instagram stories. 

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office