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New GLOBE Blog Shares Evaluation Working Group Resources Just in Time for GLOBE Annual Meeting

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In alignment with the 2021 GLOBE Annual Meeting, taking place currently (from 12-16 July), Dr. Nektaria Adaktilou, a member of the GLOBE Evaluation Working Group, posted an informative new blog.

“The Evaluation Working Group members are excited to share with you all the resources developed by this group during the past years, from 2014 to present. On this webpage, you can find:

  • surveys for protocol training in atmosphere, hydrology, soils, and land cover;
  • a survey for students' attitudes towards science;
  • a presentation about what the group does and how evaluation can benefit the GLOBE program;
  • a presentation of interviews with GLOBE teachers at the GLE in Ireland; and
  • a one-pager that can be used when communicating with potential funders.”

“The GLOBE Mission EARTH team has shared with the broader community the following tools that you can also find on this webpage:

  • a pre-and post-test for students in atmosphere and hydrology;
  • a needs assessment survey for GLOBE teachers; and
  • a post-implementation survey for GLOBE teachers.”

“The latest addition to this list of resources has been the Alumni survey and the related report. Our goal was to reach out to GLOBE Alumni to get feedback on how the program has affected them, and how and in what ways they would like to remain engaged in the program. This survey will shortly be added as a google form in order to collect more responses.”

“A big thank you to all the wonderful colleagues that have contributed to the development of these materials! We hope that these resources will be helpful to you. Please contact us about any ideas or comments you may have and share feedback you collect when using the resources. We are looking forward to connecting with you virtually this upcoming week!”

To read the blog, and to comment, click here.

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News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office