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Announcing Phase 2 of the Student Climate Research Campaign

Today marks the completion of the first year of the GLOBE Student Climate Research Campaign (SCRC). To all who participated in the climate foundation activities, collected and entered data during Intensive Observing Periods (IOPs), attended Webinars, or engaged your students in developing a research project during Phase One, thank you!

Beginning today, 10 September 2012, GLOBE embarks on Phase Two of SCR.  Phase Two focuses on conducting climate science research using GLOBE data and other long-term datasets. This is the main thrust of SCRC Phase Two. 

Students earn badges for their participation in SCRC.  Here's how it works:  The electronic badges are available to those who participated in the SCRC Phase One, including collecting data during an Intensive Observing Period (IOP), using a Climate Foundation Learning Activity in the classroom, engaging students in developing a research project, attending a Webinar, or contributing to the SCRC Discussion Forum.

If you participated in SCRC Phase One, you have earned a Phase One badge: 

  • We have identified the top-participating schools (the top ten overall and the top three by region). If your school is on the list, you'll find that a badge has been awarded on your school page.
  • If your school is not listed on this page, but you participated in SCRC in any way, you can add an e-badge to your school's page by following the e-Badge instructions.


In this next phase of SCRC, you and your students will have many opportunities to earn a variety of badges for the activities and projects in the year ahead. The more your students participate, the more badges they will earn. 

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