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The GLOBE Social Team Would Like to Tell Your Story … On Instagram!

Two girls smile and hold their smart phones.

A boy uses his phone to snap a picture with his phone (shooting vertically).
Shoot your "snaps" vertically.

If you were able to attend this year’s GLOBE Annual Meeting and Learning Expedition in Ireland this past July (search #IrelandGLE2018 to access pictures and more from the event) then you were able to hear a presentation about this already, but for everyone else, here is what we are proposing:

An example of one "snap" within an instagram story.
We will place captions and
fun stickers and GIFs to help
illustrate your story on

There are so many great events, workshops, school activities, and more going on within the GLOBE community, and unfortunately our social team cannot attend every event.  This is why we are asking for your help in showcasing all of these happenings by taking short videos and pictures and then submitting them to us for GLOBE’s Instagram account.  We would love all regions, countries, schools, teachers, and students to participate. Here’s how:

1. Email us ( to let us know you would like to participate.  If you know of an event already you would like us to feature, then also let us know the date and we will add it to the “Insta-story Schedule.”

2. During your event or project take pictures, and/or short videos (no more than 15 seconds long). Each of these is called a “snap.”

  • These should be shot with your mobile phone and filmed/captured vertically
  • These should simply tell the story of your event or project: the who, the what, the where, and why (why it is important, what’s next, etc.)
  • We are looking for a minimum of three “snaps” and no more than eight per "story."
Diagram for Instagram stories.
Each of the vertical rectangles above represent one "snap." All these put together create the "story."

3. Drop the snaps into the Google Drive by going, here: 

4. The Google Drive is also where you can place your descriptions and captions. The GLOBE Instagram team will then grab these to caption and illustrate your “story.” If you are not familiar with Instagram stories, then please go, here ( to see an example.

Two kids stand in an outdoor setting.5. And, lastly, you will need to sign and add your signed photo release document there as well.  You can download the forms in the links below (these are The GLOBE Program’s general photo release forms).

6. Then look for your story on GLOBE’s Instagram: – there is also where you can watch past stories by clicking on the small circles near the top of the screen. (For example all of the stories from Ireland during the GLOBE Learning Expedition (GLE)).

We look forward to seeing and sharing your stories with the community. Have further questions or need more help? Feel free to email us at the address above.

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