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2019 IVSS Update: Record Number of Projects Submitted; Stipend Drawing Winners Announced

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Record Number of Projects

The deadline for submitting projects to the 2019 International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) was 10 April – and GLOBE received a record number of projects! There were 235 projects, from 26 countries, submitted. In addition, 114 judges provided feedback on more than three projects. Virtual badges have been posted, and feedback and certificates have been sent to teachers.

To view the 2019 IVSS Reports, click here. To view the 2019 IVSS judges, click here.

Stipend Drawing Winners

On 17 May, seven projects were selected to receive stipends to help with costs to attend the GLOBE Annual Meeting in Detroit, Michigan, USA. These seven projects all received a four-star student research badge and at least two other optional badges. The selected projects are:

  • Africa Region (Zinder, Niger; IPF Kaoura-Matamèye): “Typology and evolution of the number of mosquito habitats in Matameye”
  • Asia and Pacific Region (Phatthalung, Thailand; Papayom Pittayakom School): “Effects of heavy metals on plankton, water quality and fish in Pak-pra canal, Phatthalung province, Thailand”
  • Europe and Eurasia Region (Langon, France; Collège Jules Ferry): “Toujours le vin sent son terroir/California and Bordeaux vineyards comparison”
  • Latin American and Caribbean Region (Canelones, Uruguay; Escuela No. 88 Alfredo B. Nobel): “Water quality in nearby areas to canelones city through the use of macroinvertebrates as bioindicators”
  • Near East and North Africa Region (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; The 128 Intermediate Gifted Girls School at Jeddah): “The Effect of Water Salinity Levels on Water Acidity (pH) and Water Conductivity in Jeddah”
  • North America Region (Norwalk, Ohio, USA; Main Street Intermediate School): “How does elevation affect surface temperature?”
  • North America Region (Gibraltar, Michigan, USA; Shumate Middle School): “Three Year Volumetric Soil Moisture Study”

To learn more about these projects, click here

Congratulations to the drawing winners!

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