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New NASA Video – GPM 2015: One Year of Storms

GPM Video: One Year of Storms

This new video offers a look back (via data animation) at the storms captured by the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission in 2015. The GPM mission is an international network of satellites that provide the next-generation global observations of rain and snow. Through participating in GPM events and contests, GLOBE students are currently learning how a NASA mission – and how satellite information – can improve our knowledge of Earth.

NASA is also offering a GPM “Near-Realtime IMERG Early Run Half-Hourly Image” so you can take a look at how much precipitation is falling globally from the comfort of the indoors. This image is generated from the Integrated Multi-satellitE Retrievals for GPM (IMERG) data product. This is the near-realtime "early run" product, which is generated by NASA's Precipitation Processing System every half hour with a 6-hour latency from the time of data acquisition. It is produced using data from the satellites in the GPM Constellation, and is calibrated with measurements from the GPM Core Observatory as well as rain gauge networks around the world. The time shown is the data acquisition end-time, rounded to the nearest minute.

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