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Tech Update June 2019

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In May and June 2019 our technology team completed development and launched the following:

  • GLOBE Teams

A GLOBE Team is a group of citizen scientists working together as an organization. Teams can be used to set up a competition, coordinate a community’s citizen science efforts, support an educational or corporate initiative, or simply enable a group of people to work together. Anyone can create or join a ‘team’ organization. For more information, go to:

  • Users also now have the ability to join a GLOBE school by using a referral code

Students, parents, and citizen scientists can now easily join a school to associate their data by using a private referral code. For new members, a school referral code can be entered when creating an account. For existing members, navigate to a school page, click the ‘Join’ button and enter the referral code. For more information on using referral codes for schools, contact GLOBE at

Looking Forward:

  • The API Out Application has been approved and will be available for use on or around 24 June 2019.
  • Latin America Eclipse. Users will be able to use the GLOBE Observer app to take air temperature and cloud observations during the total eclipse on 02 July 2019 in South America.
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