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U.S. Partners/Country Coordinators: Updated Video Tutorials for Creating and Managing Workshops

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U.S. Partners and Country Coordinators: GLOBE website tutorials have been updated to include a new six-part workshop video training course. These newly updated videos provide multiple tips, and will help you learn the most effective and efficient ways to use the workshop tool for hosting GLOBE training workshops.

To get started, visit the “Managing Workshops” page on the GLOBE website, by clicking here. The training is divided into six parts:

Part 1: Verify your Account and Launch the Workshop Administration Tool

Part 2: Create a Workshop

Part 3: Search for a Workshop

Part 4: Manage a Workshop and Pre-Workshop Actions

Part 5: Post-Workshop Actions

Part 6: Search for People or Schools Trained Under Your Organization


To learn how to enable subtitles, and how to translate them into your preferred language, check out the following tutorial: How to Translate Subtitles on a YouTube video.

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