GLOBE Training in Costa Rica (07-16 June 2018) – Explore Jungles, Peaks, and Shores While Integrating GLOBE Protocols

Photo of Volcano

Climb a volcano, hike in a rainforest, and search for monkeys on the beaches of Costa Rica, all while integrating GLOBE protocols and receiving GLOBE certification within climate change and educational exchange in the tropics. Join Dr. Tina Cartwright of Marshall University for a GLOBE training 07-16 June 2018!

Highlights of this experiential event:

  • Learn about the ecology of tropical rainforests at Selva Verde’s private Rainforest Reserve.
  • Explore Costa Rica’s renowned biodiversity and varied ecosystems.
  • Discover the natural and cultural history of chocolate during a visit to a former cacao-growing plot of land.
  • Observe beach ecology and the unique wildlife of Manuel Antonio National Park.
  • Visit the Toucan Rescue Ranch, a wildlife rehabilitation center, and learn about their rescue and research programs.
  • Increase learner understanding and awareness of climate, including the broad and integrative nature of climate, the role of climate in shaping community, and the difference between climate and weather.
  • Increase student understanding of and ability to conduct science research focused on climate.
  • Improve student global awareness through collaborations among students, teachers, and scientists that are focused on understanding the Earth as a system.

For more information (including costs and detailed itinerary), click here!


News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office


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