Tech Update October 2018

Keyboard with red 'Update' key.

The GLOBE Website:

The GLOBE Program's website had three new updates during the month of October 2018.

  • Users will now find photo layers within the vis system for the Clouds, Mosquitoes and Land Cover protocols. This new feature gives users the ability to quickly see which sites have included a photo in their observation while using the map interface. 
  • Also new this month in viz is an added feature which allows users to enter custom minimum and maximum ranges for plotting data.
  • The workshop tool on the website is now translated into Spanish. 

GLOBE Observer App:

The GLOBE Observer app also had an update this past month. 

  • The app is now supported on Android 4.x devices.  This is important since so many people around the world use devices of this type and version.  

Looking Forward:

Our technology team is working on the following: 


  • Spanish translations for the entire website (using Google translate)
  • Email notifications for Partners/Country Coordinators 
  • Provide the ability for GLOBE Observers to create groups where they can associate their data 

Workshop Tool:

  • Provide the ability for users to auto-send letters in bulk to workshop participants 


  • Provide the ability for users to retrieve photos through the ADAT tool for clouds, land cover and mosquitoes

GLOBE Working Groups: Evaluation Working Group Science Working Group Education Working Group Technology Working Group Investigation Areas: Atmosphere Hydrosphere Earth As a System Pedosphere (Soil) Biosphere Primary Audience: Alumni Country Coordinators Partners Scientists Students Teachers Trainers

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office


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