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Ecopolis Center Junior Eco Club, Tokyo, Japan

GLOBE students at the Itabashi GLOBE Club in Tokyo, Japan are making headlines by demonstrating how young people can collaborate around the world to increase our understanding of the Earth environment. The students gather on weekends and after school at the Ecopolis Center to make GLOBE measurements and to communicate with other schools worldwide using GLOBEMail.

The Itabashi GLOBE Club was initiated shortly after Japan joined the GLOBE Program in 1995. In just a few years, the group has contacted all 58 public elementary schools in their city to encourage wider participation in GLOBE. Next, they plan to expand their activities to the local junior high schools. Already, the students have reported over 7,000 atmospheric and hydrology measurements to the GLOBE Student Data Archive

"One of the big appeals of the GLOBE Program is that it gives children from different countries a valuable chance to find out about each other's cultures," the students wrote in a January 1999 report of their GLOBE activities. "We hope that the GLOBE activities carried out by children in all parts of the world will continue to expand and will gain the recognition that they deserve.

09 July 1999