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What do GLOBE and the National Geographic Society have in common? Plenty!

Together, we share a mission to increase knowledge of the natural world, to support education and teaching, and to instill the compelling need to protect and conserve the diversity of life on this planet.

That's why GLOBE is a proud member of My Wonderful World, a National Geographic-led campaign to increase geographic literacy in schools, at home, and in the community. To learn more about geography, what it is and why it matters, explore the beautiful My Wonderful World Web site where you will find games, blogs and articles written for students, teachers and parents.

On the Web site, enter your name for a chance to win a 10-day trip for four to the Galapagos Islands! You can also access the entry form by going directly to the contest entry page. Jointly sponsored by My Wonderful World and Lindblad Expeditions, this contest ends on December 31, 2006.

Through our global network of students and educators, GLOBE plays a pivotal role in promoting the study and enjoyment of all branches of scientific inquiry. We are pleased to promote My Wonderful World, a National Geographic blueprint for exploring the physical features of the Earth, our home. Learn about the myriad of life forms that inhabit it, the weather and atmospheric conditions that affect it, and the responsibilities we share to protect it, for ourselves and for the future. 

24 October 2006