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The Third Annual GLOBE Young Scientist Fair in Bahrain

Students from Isa Town Girls Secondary School took first place honors for their project called "Ma'ameer Surrounded"
Students from Bayan School placed second for their project "Human Intervention"
Students from Shaikh Isa Bin Ali Boys' Secondary School won the third place for their project "The Bahrain Land Cover Changes During the period 1973-2001"

The Bahrain GLOBE Young Scientists Fair is one of the most educational, fun, and creative assignments that GLOBE Bahrain offers to GLOBE students every year. It is an excellent activity for classroom outings. Students can become experts in their neighborhoods by learning about their local environment.

The Science Fair was an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about science as they search for answers to specific problems. It also helps develop a healthy understanding of the scientific method … while having fun! The students were encouraged to come up with a project idea that would be interesting to them, but the projects were to be entirely based on GLOBE Protocols.

Instructional materials, several preparation meetings and training workshops were provided to give guidance and provide ideas. Students did their part in the search by planning experiments, finding and recording information related to the problem and organizing the collected data to find answers. All projects included descriptions of research, as well as diagrams, photographs, and written observations of all results, providing a complete and accurate record of the project from start to finish.

The evaluation of the science projects took place at Shaikh Khalifa Institute of Technology on 28 February 2007. Students displayed what they had done and told the story of their projects in such a way that attracted and held the viewers' interest. They explained everything about their projects and answered the judges' questions. This was an opportunity for them to practice a speech in front of the judges, local scientists, experts, and the general public whose questions helped the students to polish their final presentations. The final closing ceremony was held on 27 March 2007 at the Bahrain Ministry of Education Hall.

GLOBE Bahrain, along with the GLOBE Program Office, expresses great pride in all students. The judges, too, were very pleased with the quality of work displayed. Congratulations to all!

15 October 2007