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GLOBE Students in Uruguay Apply GLOBE Data to Cloud Research

A group of 9 and 10 year old students from Republic of India Primary School No. 85 in Montevideo, Uruguay, have established a local science club known as "Cazanubes" or "Cloudchasers." They are carrying out cloud research activities from their school site, applying GLOBE protocols to observe cloud type and cover. The students are continuing the research started by their schoolmates in 2006, by analyzing and comparing data collected over the past two years.

On 11—12 September 2007, "Cazanubes" participated in the science fair of the Scientific Culture Popularization Program which was organized by the Directorate of Innovation, Science and Technology for Development, a division of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay. As a result of their participation, the GLOBE Uruguaystudents were granted merit awards in skills, clarity, and applicability. The work was done with support from Albert Ortiz (GLOBE USA), Pablo Sánchez (GLOBE México), and Uruguayan scientist Madeleine Renom. 

Regarding the students' research activity, the evaluation committee of the science fair commented that they observed "excellent communication of research results by the team, very good systematization of daily observations carried out in school, and good work by the facilitator in conducting the research relying on external links given the global-scale of the issue being treated." 

GLOBE congratulates these creative students in Uruguay who are utilizing GLOBE data in their research about the environment and learning, at a very young age, the important role of science and research. Children are innately curious and learn quickly. They are naturally prone to investigating phenomena and acquiring new knowledge. Given tools to conduct experiments and research and to interpret what they observe, these young students from Montevideo are well on their way to becoming our scientists of the future.

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13 December 2007