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NSTA Conference in Denver Unites GLOBE Partners, Trainers, Teachers and Scientists in the Region

The 2007 Western Regional National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference in Denver, Colorado, 8 - 10 November 2007, was well attended by the GLOBE community. The GLOBE Program Office booth was visited by an estimated 600 to 800 teachers each day. GLOBE Program Office (GPO) staff, including all members of the GLOBE Help Desk and Colorado GLOBE Partner Ms. Deanna TeBockhorst were on hand to share information about GLOBE.

Deanna TeBockhorst, of CloudSat and a GLOBE Partner, and Gary Randolph, of GLOBE, discuss science education activities with an NSTA participant.

Conference speakers, GPO Deputy Director Dr. Teresa Kennedy, North America GIAC representative Dr. Michael Odell and North America Regional Desk Officer Nandini McClurg presented an overview of the GLOBE Program. Attendees were interested to learn of GLOBE's international student involvement, the integration of GLOBE activities into multidisciplinary subjects, the potential for student/teacher/scientist collaboration through GLOBE's Earth System Science Projects (ESSPs), and the wealth of on-line materials available to teachers. Elementary GLOBE books and GLOBE Student data from the past 12 years, as well as the ability to use GLOBE materials for bilingual education, were highlighted.

Many GLOBE Teachers, Trainers, Scientists and Partners from the Western States visited the GLOBE booth to reconnect with GPO staff as well as network with each other. They were interested to learn about new products and to share their stories and ideas with others who are involved in implementing GLOBE activities. The NSTA regional and national conferences provide a wonderful venue to reunite the GLOBE entire community, and to spread the word about GLOBE to newcomers. As a result of what they learned at the Denver Conference, at least 2 new partners will soon be joining GLOBE.

Mark your calendars now for the 2008 National Science Teachers Association meeting that will take place in Boston, Massachusetts on 27-30 March 2008. A GLOBE North America Partner meeting will occur on Wednesday, 26 March and the annual NSTA International Day will take place on Thursday, 27 March. Also, the GLOBE Program Office will have a display at the NASA booth and will hold the Annual NSTA Community Reception on Thursday evening. Look for more information about this event soon. We hope to see you in Boston!

7 February 2008