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Cameroon Expands Capacity by Providing GLOBE Training to Teachers and Community Members

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The GLOBE Program in Cameroon organized a week-long teacher training workshop from 9-12 November 2010 in Bamenda, the capital city of the Northwest Region of Cameroon in Africa. The theme was "Local Climate Research to Understand Global Climate Change." Decorative banners announced the workshop throughout the city of Bamenda, as well as local and national radio and television news broadcasts. This highly publicized event was well represented by participants from the Northwest Region.

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The Country Coordinator, Mr. Lawrence Kambiwoa, and two GLOBE Trainers, Mr. Yebga Honba (Francophone trainer in the Soil Protocol) and Mrs. Ngwa Dolly (Anglophone trainer in the Hydrology Protocol), met with geography teachers who were attending the National Geography Teachers' Association meeting of zonal delegates in Bambili, Cameroon. The acceptance of the use of a GLOBE instrument shelter, rain gauge, compass, pH paper and Atmosphere Protocols for geography lessons and certificate examinations in Cameroon was an important outcome of this meeting.

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The GLOBE workshop, which was initially planned for 30 secondary school teachers, was expanded to 52 teachers including GLOBE Alumni, community members, and elementary education teachers. A total of eight trainers (two GLOBE Master Trainers and six senior pedagogic instructors) chosen from disciplines of biology, geography, chemistry, and bio-geology, attended throughout the week to provide instruction and guidance covering Atmosphere, Hydrology, Soil, and seasons investigations for the 52 teachers. Other activities included accessing the GLOBE website, using the sun photometer, working with the GPS, examining the concept of climate change, and Land Cover Protocols. The GLOBE Master Trainers are Mr. Afong George and Mrs. Ngouffo Grace. The other trainers include Mr. Yebga Honba, Mrs. Ngwa Dolly, Mrs. Teleu Julie Nana, Mme Momo Ernestine, Mme Mouanack Francoise Honorine, Mr. Kome Ekango, and Mr. Lawrence Kambiwoa. Mr. Fouda Marcel, who is a National Pedagogic Inspector for Bilingualism, was the communication officer throughout the workshop. Department heads from the University of Yaounde I and the College of Education in the University of Bamenda specializing in Earth sciences observed the training sessions. A PhD research student from the University of Yaounde I also took part at the workshop.

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Mr. Sunjo George, Northwest Regional Delegate for the Ministry of Secondary Education, represented the Minister of Secondary Education to chair the opening of the workshop. During the training session, the Country Coordinator installed GLOBE equipment in a community center called Paul VI Pastoral Centre in Bamenda and declared the centre opened at no cost to any community member with interest in the GLOBE Program. The GLOBE Teachers Guide was also freely provided for browsing at the Centre in print and in CD-ROM. Following the workshop, GLOBE Cameroon representatives installed and distributed material to two elementary teacher education colleges: GTTC Bamenda in the Northwest Region and ENIEG d'Ebolowa in the South Region. Mr. Ajeagah Hosea Aboh is the main GLOBE teacher for GTTC Bamenda, Rev. Sister Ignatius is the primary GLOBE community member for the Paul VI Pastoral Centre in Bamenda, and Mr. Kana Pierre is the main GLOBE teacher for ENIEG d'Ebolowa. GLOBE Teacher Mrs. Chekwi Grace supervised the creation of artwork by the elementary school pupils from the Nibung Practising School in Bamenda at the workshop. Workshop attendees also took the opportunity to celebrate the 12th Anniversary of GLOBE Program in Cameroon. The representative of the Minister of Basic (Elementary) Education, Mrs. Fon Susan who is the Northwest Regional Delegate for the Ministry of Basic Education delivered the closing of the workshop.

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As a result of this beneficial training, the GLOBE Program in Cameroon is working toward the goal of installing and providing materials to 30 secondary schools, 10 elementary teacher education training colleges, and two additional community training centers in Cameroon in 2011. Reaching these goals will increase the number of GLOBE-trained teachers in 2011 to approximately 94 teachers from 90 different institutions spread across the country who will participate in Cameroon's GLOBE research initiatives.

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Thank you to the Minister of Secondary Education, the Minister of Basic Education and GLOBE Cameroon alumni, community members, teachers, and participants who made this event a great success by contributing to future research capabilities in the GLOBE Africa region!


Check back for the GLOBE Cameroon website, which should be operational soon!

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12 January 2011