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GLOBE Helps STEM Professional “Stand Out” and “SEE” Toward New Discoveries

Photo of Yashraj Patil

Yashraj Patil, an Associate Software Engineer at Hexaware Technologies Limited (Chennai, India), credits The GLOBE Program – and his experiences learning and growing within the program – with helping him achieve a personal and professional dream.

“I'm quite interested in space and Earth sciences! My deep commitment to the dream of looking at the sustainable Earth, with all things settled and balanced – and what I can give, my everything, in achieving it, led me to this phenomenal organization ‘The GLOBE Program.” And seeing NASA's passion and commitment to studying the Earth inspired me to bring out all of my amazing abilities and study the Earth and contribute to achieving a sustainable planet Earth,” Patil said.

Photo of Yashraj Patil



“I became engaged with The GLOBE Program as a GISN (GLOBE International STEM Network) scientist, and began working with fantastic individuals who helped me feel that it is feasible to accomplish the Sustainable Planet Goals and learn more about our planet!”

“The most fascinating experience for me was implementing the GLOBE protocols at high-altitude regions, and recording every possible observation of the Himalayas, as well as tracking NASA's Terra and Aqua Satellites Offline (which was a major challenge due to a lack of internet connectivity for online tracking) and receiving notification regarding satellite flyover from the GLOBE Observer App.”







“I'd been studying these two satellite flyby intervals and their average approach times in the morning and afternoon. This aided me in recording the data in bulk format at various time intervals in order to get a perfect match with satellite and ground observations, allowing me to conduct a more effective Himalayan study.”

Photo of Yashraj Patil

“Getting a flawless match with Aqua and Terra Satellites Space Data in the mysterious valleys of the Himalayas turned out to be my greatest success. As a result, my greatest obstacle turned out to be my greatest triumph!”

When asked how working with GLOBE impacted his professional career, Patil said, “I work as an Associate Software Engineer at Hexaware Technologies's IMS Automation Department in Chennai, India. I've always worked in a framework that combined science and technology for the greater benefit. GLOBE pushed me to calibrate my expertise in the science and technology domains to new heights.”

Photo of Yashraj Patil

“GLOBE undoubtedly enabled me in standing out from a large applicant pool for the United Nations SGAC's 9th Space Generation Fusion Forum and 36th Space Symposium, with a view to addressing issues in the space industry. I was then invited by the United Nations for the UN/Spain/International Astronomical Union Conference on Dark and Quiet Skies for Science and Society, where I was selected for the second time.”

“Even Hexaware is proud of my dedication and enthusiasm for space and science; and representing the country, Hexaware, and GLOBE in the UN conferences and forums was an honor in itself.”

“I was given the precious opportunity to lead a Hexaware's Leadership Lantern Series Session to enlighten all Hexawarians on Science, Space, and GLOBE topics.”

What message would he like to share with other GLOBE STEM professionals? “I would like to give a mantra/formula to all the fellow GLOBE STEM Professionals/Scientists that I have personally designed: ‘SEE (Skills/Special Abilities + Expertise + Experience = SEE.’”

Photo of Yashraj Patil

“’SEE’ is actually the vision or operation that our eyes perform daily to interact in a productive way with the world, and implementing this ‘SEE’ in your daily life will further help you to bring more successful outcomes in introducing additional conclusions, as well as further new discoveries.”

“Never be distracted by external factors while conducting any research or experiment,” Patil said. “Stay highly engaged with your research until you reach a conclusion or make a new discovery!”

Photo of Yashraj Patil


So proud of the accomplishments of this young man! He’s a vibrant member of our GLOBE community who is truly making a difference in the world. Thanks for sharing this story!

Keep up with the good work, my friend. We are so proud of your achievements.