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GLOBE Training in Saudi Arabia


Approximately 150 teachers and local coordinators representing all Educational Directorates in Saudi Arabia, came together in Al-Ahsa from 15-19 February 2015 to be trained in basic GLOBE protocols in Atmosphere, Hydrology and Soil, as well as GPS and data entry. All newly trained teachers became certified GLOBE teachers. The training was led by 3 GLOBE master trainers (Dr. Hadi Bahari, Mrs. Norah Al Nasser and Mrs. Amal Al Hargan) and 17 GLOBE trainers from Saudi Arabia.

Distinguished guests during the opening and closing ceremonies included Director General of Student Activities Mrs. Reem Abu-Alhassan; Director General of Education at Al-Ahsa Mr. Ahmad Balgnaim; GLOBE Saudi Arabia Country Coordinator Dr. Hadi Bahari; and GLOBE Saudi Arabia Deputy Country Coordinator Norah Al Nasser.  This was a 3-day training and one of Saudi Arabia's premier events in honor of the global celebration of GLOBE's 20th Anniversary.

On Day 1, following the opening ceremony, teachers and local coordinators joined the Atmosphere session for an introduction to, and practical training in, the basic Atmosphere protocols.  GLOBE students joined sessions that provided a basic introduation to Al-Ahsa, a traditional oasis in Eastern Saudi Arabia located about 60 km inland from the Arabian Gulf, which makes up much of Saudi Arabia's Easter Province. They also learned about climate and water and soil characteristics, and their impact on agriculture. 

Training Workshop - Atmosphere Protocols


Day 2 began with a basic introduction to Hydrology and Soils, followed by practical training of Hydrology and Soil protocols.  Two female and two male students from each Educational Directorate, had been selected to join the field studies, and traveled to Al-Maha Farm to join the practical application of the protocols to gather data about the water and soil characteristics. Based on data collected, they wrote recommendations regarding the best use of the well-water used to irrigate the agricultural fields of the farm


Field Study


GLOBE Outdoors
Doing GLOBE outdoors


On Day 3, all teachers, students and local coordinators joined in the training about the GLOBE website and data entry.


Training Workshop in the classroom

Mrs. Norah Al Nasser writes "I am very satisfied about the event; the teachers were very active during training and showed enthusiasm to implement GLOBE in their schools.Students were impressive in the implementation of GLOBE protocols for collecting data. We will keep going in our GLOBE plan to support teachers and students and providemore interesting and beneficial events for them."


Closing Ceremony



Thank you to all the organizers and participants of the forum is one of the most important events that help to understand and apply many of the protocols of Globe.