Lowrey Elementary School, Tahlequah, OK, United States

Dedication and persistency have enabled GLOBE students at Lowrey Elementary School in Tahlequah, Oklahoma to record atmospheric data just about every day of the week for three years! Students in GLOBE teacher Jeff Lawrence's eighth grade science classes take turns checking measurements on weekends and holidays. "I have a few eighth graders that really spearhead it and keep things going," Mr. Lawrence said.

Mr. Lawrence's students are very involved in studying the weather. The students have earned top honors at the Oklahoma Weather Science Fair and are involved in Earthstorm, a University of Oklahoma project that has placed weather stations throughout the state. Because the automated stations are calibrated to one tenth of a degree, Mr. Lawrence uses the station to help in calibrating the GLOBE equipment.

"Most of the time, we collect the data, but the weather station has been a real big help," Lawrence said. "I go back and check things against the station and it's a good way to see how well we're doing."

15 October 1998


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