Pattison Elementary School, Katy, TX, United States

With support from parents and local businesses, fifth grade students at Pattison Elementary are successfully implementing GLOBE throughout their school. In recognition of the school's success in garnering parental support, the GLOBE program at Pattison was chosen to receive $500 from the Exxon Chemical Company's "Science Ambassador" program. "It took us no time to spend the grant - we set up our equipment and started using it right away," GLOBE teacher Virginia Neville said.

GLOBE teachers Virginia Neville, Susan Fisher, Jeannette Pratt, Joanne Greer, and Beth Serrata have put together a GLOBE satchel full of the equipment and information needed to take measurements on weekends and holidays. Students take turns taking the satchels home, and they and their families ensure that Pattison's measurements are as continuous as possible.

"The system works pretty well," Neville said. "It's real science, and the kids really like it."

22 September 1998


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