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One of the turning points of the 2005 Annual Conference in Prague was when Martin Pentson, (Estonia) and Tomas Tunkl, (Czech Republic) explained why they had initiated their GLOBE Alumni organizations; "We didn't want to be cut off from GLOBE just because we had graduated high school." This moment marked the beginning of an effort to find out if a similar desire existed among alumni in other regions.

The 2006 Annual Conference featured GLOBE Alumni representatives from each of the six regions: Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Near East and North America. The alumni presented a draft of their vision and purpose along with an expression of deep gratitude for the support and guidance they had received from their regional coordinators and the GLOBE Program Office. They also expressed gratitude for the continued sense of belonging in GLOBE'S community and pledged their cooperation in all GLOBE activities.

The first order of business for each regional representative is to begin the work of developing a regional corps of GLOBE Alumni volunteers. To help in this effort the Alumni asked that all Country Coordinators, Partners, Regional Contact persons, and teachers begin to think about how to prepare and recruit students to participate in GLOBE on a new level. Additionally they suggested that teachers should be urged to begin the identification of graduating students who might like to be involved with the GLOBE Alumni organization.

Regional Representatives:

  • Africa: Adele Bilong (Cameroon)
  • Asia: Watcharee Ruairuen (Thailand), Phatcharaida Boonkort (Thailand)
  • Europe: Martin Pentson (Estonia), Tomas Tunkl (Czech Republic)
  • Latin America/Caribbean: Guillermo Grimaux (Argentina)
  • Near East: Shaikha BuAli (Bahrain)
  • North America: Matt Fenzel (United States)

    The GLOBE Alumni initiative is in its infancy and needs much nurturing. Please send any alumni information, volunteer projects, or ideas for development to Dr. Sheila Yule, Coordinator of GLOBE Alumni, at, or phone 303.497.2649. This initiative has tremendous potential and is a source of pride for the entire GLOBE community.

  • 04 October 2006


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