Solar Halo Revives Arkansas Teacher's Spark for GLOBE
Mr. Wade Geery, a GLOBE Teacher at Norfork Elementary School in Norfolk, Arkansas, has been involved in GLOBE since 1999. Over the years, he has found himself pondering his involvement with GLOBE, sharing that at times he asks himself, "Why am I still doing GLOBE? Most of the time I decide that my students and I have invested too much in it to quit, however, last year I rediscovered a much more compelling reason: the joy of recording student discoveries in our natural world."  >>

Wisconsin Students Design T-Shirts to Signify GLOBE Team Spirit
Kohler High School in Kohler, Wisconsin offers participation in the GLOBE Program as an academic, extra-curricular activity. Through GLOBE, students learn how the atmosphere affects them and their environment and apply these findings to their daily lives. GLOBE Teacher Ms. Jessie Good stated, "GLOBE is a scholarly program in our high school that attracts students who are academically motivated and are interested in global environmental issues."  >>

Swiss GLOBE Students Team Up to Inspect Bioindicators in a Local River
On 23 September 2010 a class of 8-year-old students from Primarschule Sali in Olten, Switzerland, teamed up with 19 and 20-year-old students from Kantonschule, another GLOBE School in Olten, to perform Hydrology Protocols on a small local river. The primary school class was led by GLOBE Teacher Patricia Gygli, who is also one of the Assistant GLOBE Country Coordinators for Switzerland.  >>

Cameroon Expands Capacity by Providing GLOBE Training to Teachers and Community Members
The GLOBE Program in Cameroon organized a week-long teacher training workshop from 9-12 November 2010 in Bamenda, the capital city of the Northwest Region of Cameroon in Africa. The theme was "Local Climate Research to Understand Global Climate Change." Decorative banners announced the workshop throughout the city of Bamenda, as well as local and national radio and television news broadcasts. This highly publicized event was well represented by participants from the Northwest Region.  >>

GLOBE Promotes STEM Initiatives at events in Washington D.C. and the USA 2010 Science Festival
In October 2010, the GLOBE North America Regional Office attended the Expo on the Washington Mall, part of the annual USA Science Festival. This event unfolded concurrently with another GLOBE attended event, the Teacher at Sea/Teacher Research Experience meeting sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Department of Energy. This was a busy month for GLOBE in Washington D.C. since just days earlier that same month, three GLOBE students were given the honor of attending the White House Science Fair, hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama.  >>

GLOBE Continues to Grow in the Asia-Pacific Region
The Regional Office for GLOBE in Asia and the Pacific conducted a myriad of activities in 2010, ranging from student climate research events, hosting school visits by NASA officials, and growing the training team for the region. A Train-The-Trainer Workshop for participants throughout the region was held on 2–5 June 2010 at different locations in New Delhi including the Bhabha Chamber, the Scope Convention Centre, and the Lodi Road and American Centre.  >>

GLOBE Alumni Facilitate International Discussion on Migratory Bird Patterns and Global Environmental Concerns
On Wednesday, 13 October 2010, the "Study of Migratory Birds as Bioindicators of Climate" project held its first video conference between the San Ignacio de Recalde School in Lima, Peru, and Innoko River School in Shageluk, Alaska, United States. The project promotes the exchange of information on migratory birds, from the subarctic polar zone of Alaska to the tropical zone of Peru, allowing students to learn how migration patterns correlate to temperature and food availability, and to explore the diversity of cultures between countries. The project is scheduled to last at least one year in order to cover the full migration cycle.  >>

GLOBE Trinidad and Tobago adds Emergency Care and Disaster Preparedness to Program Training
Trinidad and Tobago joined the GLOBE Program on 16 July 1996, when Ambassador Brian J. Donnelly and Minister of Education (MoE) Dr. Adesh Nanan signed the GLOBE bilateral agreement in the capital city of Port of Spain. Trinidad and Tobago was the 36th country to join GLOBE, and it currently boasts 55 registered, and over 250 trained teachers, representing 32 GLOBE schools, thanks to the support of the Curriculum Development Division, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) and faithful stakeholders from its introduction in 1996.  >>

Teachers Represent GLOBE at International Polar Year Oslo Science Conference
The International Polar Year (IPY) Oslo Science Conference, the largest ever Global Impact Gathering, took place from 6-12 June 2010. The event included polar and climate scientists from all over the world, members of indigenous peoples from Scandinavia and Russia, dignitaries from Norway and other European countries including Crown Prince Haakon as well as Prince Albert of Monaco, young polar scientists from the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) and many GLOBE community members including GLOBE Program Seasons and Biomes phenology scientist and U.S. Partner, Dr. Elena Sparrow, who also served on the overall conference organizing committee.  >>

Irish Voice names GLOBE Partner Tony Murphy to "2010 Education 100"
The Irish Voice newspaper named U.S. GLOBE Partner and Master Trainer Tony Murphy, executive director of the National Center for STEM Elementary Education at St. Catherine University, to "2010 Education 100" for his contributions to STEM education programs. "This is such a wonderful honor and humbling to be included in this group of educators from around the U.S.," Murphy said. "My appearance in this list could not have occurred without the people that I have worked with over the years and their willingness to collaborate with me on numerous projects."  >>

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