2011 Annual Meeting Presentations

2011 Annual Meeting Banner

2011 Annual Meeting Presentations

Day One - Monday 18 July: Learning

Opening and Logistics Annual Meeting opened by the GLOBE International Advisory Committee, with Conference Chairs Dr Donna Charlevoix and Dr Teresa Kennedy

Welcome from the GLOBE Program Office - Dr.Andy Tasker

Keynote Address - Dr.Waleed Abdalati, NASA Chief Scientist

GLOBE Africa - Mark Brettenny

GLOBE Asia Pacific - Mr. Rajinder Mehta

GLOBE Europe & Eurasia - Mrs. Diana Garasic

GLOBE Latin American-Caribbean - Lic. Andrea Ventoso

GLOBE Near East-North Africa - Mrs. Zakeya Ahmed Ali Zada

GLOBE North America - Ms. Marsha Willis

Day Two - Tuesday 19 July: Engaging

Tuesday Introduction - Dr.Donna Charlevoix

Community Input on the Future of the GLOBE Program - Dr.Andy Tasker

Draft GLOBE Program Development Strategy pdf

GLOBE Technology Refresh: History & Goals - Mr.David Overoye, Raytheon

GLOBE Technology Refresh: Database Issues - Mr.Ying Tsen Hong

Student Climate Research Campaign (SCRC) Update - Dr.Donna Charlevoix

SCRC Climate Foundations - Dr.Donna Charlevoix

SCRC Research - Gary Randolph

SCRC Intensive Observing Periods - Jessica Mackaro

Day Three - Wednesday 20 July: Options

Wednesday Introduction - Dr.Teresa Kennedy

Effective Use of Social Media - Ms.Ann Davison, VOX Global

Day Four - Thursday 21 July: Field Visit and Banquet


Day Five - Friday 22 July: Community Workshops and Next Steps

Earth System Science Projects (ESSPs) Plenary

Evaluation and its Role in Shaping the Future of the GLOBE Program - Dr.Valerie Williams

Annual Meeting Summary and Next Steps - Dr.Andy Tasker