17th Annual Meeting Presentations

2013 Annual Meeting Presentations

Sunday, 11 August

Science Advisory Committee presentations     Notes from the meeting

Status of Ozone Measurement Instrumentation

Potential SMAP Partnership with GLOBE

Potential Aerosol Measurement Instrumentation

Potential iPhotometer instrument

Education Advisory Committee presentations     Notes from the Meeting

Day One - Monday 12 August

Keynote Address: From Eyes on Earth to Hands on GLOBE
Michael H. Freilich, NASA Earth Science Division Director

GLOBE International Advisory Committee (GIAC) Reports:

GLOBE Africa - Mr. Mark Brettenny

GLOBE Asia and the Pacific - Mr. Binod Shrestha

GLOBE Europe and Eurasia - Mr. Karl Torstein Hetland

GLOBE Latin American and the Caribbean - Mr. Godfrey Burnside

GLOBE Near East and North Africa - Mrs. Norah Ibrahim Al Nasser

GLOBE North America - Ms. Lynne Hehr

Small Group Discussions:

Country Coordinators

U.S. Partners


Day Two - Tuesday 13 August

Computer Labs:

D1: GLOBE Website for Partners and Trainers

D2: GLOBE Website for Social Media Capabilities

D3: GLOBE Website Use in Teaching

D5: GLOBE Website: Student Zone

D7: Accessing Landsat Data

     Accessing Landsat Data (Part A)     Accessing Landsat Data (Part B)     GLOVIS Tutorial

     Landsat Websites, Movies and Tools     Landsat Resources for Educators     Band Combinations

     Movies (MP4):

     Landsat Orbit Swath     Landsat data layers (Onion Skin)     Landsat - Continuous Data Record

Field Training Sessions:

A1: Aeronet and Measurements of Aerosols

     GLOBE Aerosol Importance     GLOBE-Aeronet

A2: Air, Surface, Soil Temperature Measurements

A3: GPM and the Outdoor Environmental Education Program GLOBE Project

A4: Cloudsat & Atmosphere Observations

A5: EOS Aura, Discover AQ, SAGE and GLOBE Ozone Measurements

     Ozone: Good Up High, Bad Nearby

B1/B2: SMAP Mission and Soil Moisture & Characterization

     What is SMAP?     Soils Intro/Field     Soils Lab

C3: Hydrology – Fresh Water Macroinvertebrates

E1: Investigating the Impact of Urban Development through GLOBE

E2: Landsat 8 and Land Cover Measurements

Day Three - Wednesday 14 August

Keynote Address: What Does it Take to Launch and Operate an Earth Observing Satellite?
Piers Sellers, NASA/GSFC Deputy Director for Science and Exploration

     TIRS Testing     TIRS Packing - timelapse     Landsat 8 launch     Landsat Orbit Swath     Landsat separation     Landsat Tower rollback - timelapse     Landsat vehicle     Las Vegas Landsat images

Education Strands:

Earth System Science Poster Update

International Scientist Involvement (GISN)

GLOBE/US Science Standards Alignment

NASA Viz/iPad app and GLOBE

Science Strands:

Global Precipitation Mission (GPM)


Discover Air Quality

Landsat, Terra and Aqua Ecosystem Research

Soil Moisture Active and Passive (SMAP)     SMAP on Youtube

Discussion Sessions:

Customizing Your GLOBE Account

Administering GLOBE Workshops on your Partnership Pages

Elementary GLOBE

How to evaluate inquiry-based learning

GLOBE and Curriculum Integration

     Croatia     Germany     Thailand     USA (Michigan)

Running GLOBE International Partnerships

Day Four - Thursday 15 August

D4: Website Use in Data Access and Visualization

D6: Data Entry