2nd Annual Student Research Exhibition

Goal: Highlight GLOBE student research at the 2013 GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting

Who: GLOBE Student teams recently completing research investigations.

What: The GLOBE Student Research Exhibition is a celebration of student research. Each U.S. Partner may nominate one student project for participation. Each international Country Coordinator may nominate up to three student projects for participation.  Teams of up to three students will share their research project with the GLOBE community during the Annual Partner Meeting (12-16 August 2013) either virtually or in-person.

When: Nominations from Partners will be accepted between 1 - 31 May 2013.  Accepted projects will be notified via email no later than 14 June 2013.

The Student Research Exhibition will take place during the poster sessions of the GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting on Monday, 12 August and Tuesday, 13 August.

Presentations: Student research project presentations will take place during the GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting poster sessions (12th and 13th of August) either virtually or in-person.  All travel for in-person presentations must be provided by the Partner or school. The GLOBE Program Office is not able to support travel costs or expenses associated with attending the meeting. Student teams unable to attend in person will participate through a virtual poster session during the Annual Meeting via a pre-recorded presentation on display during the poster session. Students need not be available to present virtually during the sessions.

Presentations that are presented in person will require either a poster (dimensions: 121.92 cm (48 in.) high by 243.84 cm (96 in.) wide) or a printed version of the powerpoint presentation.  

Nomination Criteria: Nominations may be submitted from 1 – 31 May 2013.

Nominations will require the following information:

  • GLOBE School Name
  • Presentation Title
  • Presentation Abstract (short, 100 word description)
  • A copy of the presentation
  • Student name(s)
  • Teacher name(s)
  • Also indicate if you anticipate your nominated student team will be presenting in person or virtually.


Additional nomination guidelines:

  1. Each U.S Partner may nominate one student project.
  2. Each international Country Coordinator may nominate up to three student projects.
  3. Student Projects must include GLOBE-focused student research and include GLOBE data.
  4. Presentations shall include a title slide identifying students, teacher, school, and country.
  5. Presentations shall include all key components of a scientific research project using the scientific method. Key components of a scientific research project include: a research question, data used and analyzed, and a conclusion to the research question.
  6. Non-English presentations must provide an English translation.


Questions should be directed to science@globe.gov