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IVSS: Report Requirements

Students and teachers should review the required components and available resources below before submitting or presenting a report for an International Virtual Science Symposium. Once all necessary items are included in a report, submit it using GLOBE’s Report Tool.

Requirements vary by grade level. Projects submitted after the due date will not be scored. Submitted reports can still be updated through the Report Tool.

Learn more about how each grade level is judged for IVSS reports.

Required Components for IVSS

1. Completed Written Report

Reports must include:

  • Title
  • Abstract or summary
  • Introduction
  • Methods and materials
  • Results and data
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Citations

The complete research report must be submitted as a PDF or Word doc (DOCX/DOC). Reports that use more than one language should be submitted as a singular file. Reports that are not submitted as these file types will not be accepted for judging.

To download a report template, visit the IVSS Student Resources page.

2. Badge Descriptions

Students must receive two additional badges and a four-star report to be considered for the drawing. Reports should include a short summary of how each badge has been completed.

Note: Reports may include up to three additional badges.

3. Presentation

Projects must include a presentation focused on the student research. Presentations may be one of the following: 

  • A video — 10 minutes or less — hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, TeacherTube or another file sharing site
    • Upload the video link as part of the report, not the video file.  
  • A presentation poster
    • Poster files can be uploaded as PPT, PDF or image files.
  • A StoryMap
    • Add StoryMap links in the video link section of the upload tool.

4. Thumbnail Image

An image to be displayed with the student report.

5. Photo Release Forms

Everyone who appears in a photo or video must complete a media release form. Save all media release forms as one file per report.