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GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO)

Here at the GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO), we provide high-quality support to the GLOBE community worldwide. We work with scientists, teachers, and an extensive network of stakeholders to increase and enhance public participation in The GLOBE Program. Based out of Boulder, Colorado, USA, the GIO is sponsored through a NASA cooperative agreement award to the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). Together with GLOBE's Working Groups, we work to support community initiatives in the areas of science, education, evaluation, and technology, as well as the development of new science and education content, among other tools.

Meet Our Team

  Dr. Tony Murphy: Director
  Dr. Denise "Skye" Yost: Assistant Director
  John Ristvey: Senior Advisor*

 Katie Chapman: Administrator

  Jan Heiderer: Communications Coordinator

  Kristina WoodallCommunications Specialist

  Roller Angel: Support Specialist 

  Eslam KhairSupport Specialist


  Travis Andersen: Chief GLOBE Data Scientist and Support Manager

  Gregory Hoffman: Software Engineer/Programmer

  Dave Salisbury: Data Engineer*


  Grace Crain: Program Specialist - Science Focus

  Amy BarfieldOutreach and Training Specialist
  Emma Hagen: Program Specialist 

  Lyn Wigbels: International Coordinator*

* indicates less than full-time with GIO

GIO Contact Information

GLOBE Implementation Office
3300 Mitchell Lane
Boulder, Colorado
United States 80301
Phone: 1-800-858-9947

Additional Support

If you need help navigating the GLOBE website, check out our FAQ page. To get in touch with one of our specialists, you can send us an email at