Aerosols compared in three countries

Organization:Helen Parkhurst
Student(s):Ardjumand Bual, Romaissa Rakkani, Tayyibe Uguz and Cedric Coronel
Grade Level:Secondary (9-12)
GLOBE Teacher:Maaike Vollebregt
Contributors:Maaike Vollebregt & Joris ten Barge
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Optional Badges: Collaboration, Community Impact
Date Submitted:04/03/2017
aerosols, europe, AOT

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In this report we compare, analyse and describe problems that occur with high AOT. We also compare different countries to eachother.

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It's neat that you picked a topic like aerosols that is important for human health and for climate! I was also impressed that you included a dicussion of random error.
--Dr. Lesley L. Smith, USA

Отправлено в 24.04.17 16:25.

Your work is impressive. The international collaboration is unique. Your ideas and concept is outstanding. You have really contributed a great impact to knowledge. Keep it up!

Отправлено в 29.04.17 11:13.