Atmosphere Overview - Teachers Guide


Atmospheric conditions are important because they play a role in soil formation and influence the types of plants and wildlife that can survive in a particular area. Measuring atmospheric conditions is important for scientists studying weather, climate, land cover, phenology, ecology, biology, hydrology, and soil. To make sure this data is comparable from site to site, GLOBE students and scientists use GLOBE-approved instruments and follow rigorous protocols


In this investigation, you can find:
  • Learning activities focused on scientific concepts, measurement collection methodologies, and exercises on how to understand data
  • Field guides for each atmosphere and climate protocol
  • An Investigation Appendix that contains:
    • Data sheets for all atmosphere and climate protocols
    • Images of clouds and contrails as well as detailed descriptions of their variants
    • A glossary of relevant terminology


You can view the GLOBE Atmosphere Investigation in the six United Nations languages:

2005 Editions: Arabic | French | Spanish 

1997 Editions: Chinese | Portuguese | Russian 

​​​​General Atmosphere Documents