SMAP @ Train the Trainer in Chicago, IL USA

Hey All,

We just finished up a two-day GLOBE Train-the-Trainer Workshop at the GEMS World Academy in Chicago, Illinois. Trainers from across the USA came to learn about several NASA Earth Science Missions and their affiliation with GLOBE and associated protocols.  Those missions are Cloud Satellite (Cloudsat), Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM), Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP), and Landsat.

On the SMAP side of things, we had a bit of a tough time digging out soil samples for the SMAP Block Pattern Soil Moisture Protocol due to snow/ice cover and partially frozen soil*.

(*disclaimer - wait until the snow and ice are gone, as well as the ground to be unfrozen, before you start collecting soil samples.


NASA SMAP-GLOBE Collaboration Lead

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Thanks for a great training Brian Campbell and team!... excited to DO SMAP (and hear the Japenese boy band of the same name)!
Thank you, Jodi, for the great feedback at the training.