Open the WORLD!!

I have been focusing my GLOBE efforts on the organizing the Midwest Student Research Symposium. I am very excited that I get to host the event at Purdue University this year.  If you are from the U.S. Midwest please attend our event. Even if you do not have students entering (it’s not too late!) you can see how students are using GLOBE data.  

As a U.S. Partner Forum member I have the honor and privilege to be on the GLOBE Strategic Planning Committee. Knowing that GLOBE is an international program is one thing, but to be in the same room as many amazing and diverse persons from around the world is humbling. The work we have to do is very important for the program, as it will help guide and direct GLOBE for the next few years. Being able to collaborate, with so many different people is an incredible experience and seems very surreal. I applaud the GLOBE program for bringing together so many GLOBE people from around the world to help shape and define the program's direction and goals.


GLOBE offers many opportunities for our students (and us) to collaborate with others around the world. Seek out and take advantage of these opportunities. They can truly be life changing.  Imagine opening the world to your students! They can collaborate with people who are not like themselves and the peers they work and study with in isolation.  How awesome would it be for your students to start to understand that science is a universal collaboration of understanding and not just something they had to read in a book!

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