Spring 2019 MULTI STEM in Colorado

The MULTI team has LOTS going on! 

January 26th at Auraria 9-12…3-D PAWS weather stations run by GLOBE. 

Feb. 23rd at Auraria 9-12 …Math using climate data. 

March 9th in Pueblo 9-3…water use with different stakeholders. 

March 15th in Boulder 9-5…March Mosquito Madness run by GLOBE, MULTI, and the Bug Chicks. 

March 16th at Auraria 10-12…Discover STEM career event.

Late April possible event at CSU-launch of new science kits.

May 17th-18th GLOBE Student Research Symposium in Mescalero Apache

June 5-6—Summer STEM Institute and Train the Trainer