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A few months ago, scientists and researchers gave La Niña a slim-to-none chance of forming..... BUT..... recent weather and climate models are now saying that La Niña has a 70% chance of taking shape, albeit a weak one. Check out this cool article by NOAA's Climate research group.

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Hello SD GLOBE! You have a few days remaining to participate in October's Earth Science Challenge. Collect and report data twice during the month of October and you will receive a $100 stipend. Congratulations so far to Julie Olson and Lisa Bahe for completing the challenge! Lisa wrote:  ​We were able to get out and get a site picked....  Kids did much better the second day and it went a lot quicker the second time.  We will hopefully try to collect data 2-3 times per month for class. We were able to do cloud cover, air temperature and surface temperature,... they...

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Hello SD GLOBE! Now that you have gotten past the mad rush of the start of school, I hope you take a deep breath and think about how to implement GLOBE in your school. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT We are offering two professional development opportunities this fall: Online GLOBE Practicum and STEM Quick Stops. The Online GLOBE Practicum is your opportunity to put GLOBE into practice. You can earn credit AND a stipend (SD teachers only). We are having a Google Hangout for Practicum participants and potential participants on Tuesday, October 4 at 8:30PM CDT. You will need...

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United States Regional Student Research Symposia (SRS) Watch this space, at the top of every blog, for news on the NSF-funded U.S. Regional SRS as dates and locations roll in! If you are a teacher and participated last year, please contact me at about the opportunity to blog about the experience!   Geographic Area Location Date Southeast Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama April 27-29, 2017 Midwest Purdue University, Indiana May 19-20, 2017 Southwest Campus Village, Colorado May 19-21, 2017 ...

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Let's talk about collaboration? Collaboration is a way to share your research, measurements, and ideas with others that have similar goals and interests. Collaboration is about much more than just sharing data or sharing techniques, it is about leveraging the expertise of others with your own, and combining them into a "POWERPACK" of results. During our current Phase II of the GLOBE ENSO Student Research Campaign, we are "Taking Data to the Next Level!" One way to maximize this effort is to work with other schools from around the GLOBE community to answer big questions regarding the...

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