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"There is an increasing chance (~55-60%) of La Niña during the Northern Hemisphere fall and winter 2017-18." says the NOAA Climate Prediction Center. "Over the last month, equatorial sea surface temperatures (SSTs) were near-to-below average across the central and eastern Pacific Ocean (Figure 1). ENSO-neutral conditions were apparent in the weekly fluctuation of Niño-3.4 SST index values between -0.1°C and -0.6°C (Figure 2).    

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Croatian GLOBE community has been organizing Science Fairs for the past 18 years, with the goal to encourage and promote students' research projects. Each year the judges select 30 - 40 school projects for the presentation at the GLOBE fair and for publishing on Croatian GLOBE website . Among the projects at the fair, there are always several joint school projects. Usually, collaborating schools are from the same region, which gives them the opportunity to meet face to face and organize joint fieldwork or working sessions. Furthermore,...

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This week's blog is written by Bonnie Banyas, a teacher at Memorial School in Newton, NH. The New Hampshire Education and Environment Team (NHEET), funded through a state Math Science Partnership grant, was able to support the purchase and installation of a weather shelter at Memorial School (and the other participating schools) and the associated supplies for collecting environmental data. These materials were used to implement field investigation units in several grade levels, centered around the theme for 2016-2017, "Atmosphere, Weather and Climate." Bonnie generously agreed to write up...

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I do hope that we "see" many of you in our first webinar of Phase III of the ENSO Student Research Campaign as we transition to a focus on collaborating and learning more about water in our environment. Tomorrow evening, Oct. 3rd at 8 pm (ET), we will hear from NASA scientist, John Bolten about the many ways in which NASA studies Earth's water. You might be surprised to know that the NASA Applied Sciences Program has an entire program which focuses on water resources. The Water Resources group organized its projects under five themes: drought, floods, irrigation/evapotranspiration, water...

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The journal Scientific American just published a blog about GLOBE. The post, titled "The GLOBE Program: Making the Case for K–12 Citizen Scientists" discusses several aspects of GLOBE, including our contributions and campaigns. As well, it helps explain our mission of providing the resources for students across the world to become citizen scientists. "Contributing to global datasets not only gives students a chance to collect data that scientists can actually use, but allows them to compare their experiences and findings with other students around the world." To read more about GLOBE,...

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