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Student Research Symposia The South Dakota Discovery Center is pleased to announce the Northwest Region Student Research Symposium will be held at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology June 1-2. Teams of up to three middle or high school students are invited to present a GLOBE based research project (or question investigation if research project is too intimidating). Students from the Northwest GLOBE Region (SD, ND, NE, MT, WY, ID, OR, WA, AK) are invited to participate. Funding is available to cover transportation to the event. Room and board will be provided on the campus. To...

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As you know, the ENSO phenomenon affect the entire planet. Check out this great video from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology. In this video, you will see the extremes that ENSO brings to all corners of Australia. Are the affects of ENSO in your country the same or different than in Australia? Try to draw some conclusions based upon your data and other data from around your home country.

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Have you missed some of the ENSO Student Research Campaign webinar? Look no further. We have a 1-stop-shop to view the webinars from our current Phase II, and also from Phase I. Please click HERE to view all the past webinars and learn about future ones!

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GLOBE Partner the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Center for Science Education developed 9 classroom activities to help students learn how to analyze GLOBE environmental data while also learning atmospheric science concepts and geography. These new activities have been reviewed by science educators and staff at the GLOBE Implementation Office and, of course, they have been field tested by teachers. I have gathered them up and linked them here. If you are going to the 2017 South Dakota Math and Science Teachers conference in Huron, this is what we will be looking...

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Surface Temperature Campaign If you collected surface temperature data as part of the Surface Temperature Urban Heat Island Field Campaign, be sure to enter it into the GLOBE database by January 3 in order to receive your stipend. Thanks to Andrew Dempewolf, Lindsey Schilling, and Lisa Bahe for participating! Upcoming Stipend Opportunities Start planning now to participate in our upcoming stipend opportunities. Feb 2017 Site Setup Stipend. Create a new site between January 1, 2017 and  Feb 28, 2017. If you are new to data entry, let this be the added nudge to determine which...

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