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Please welcome Haley Wicklein from the NH Leitzel Center GLOBE Partnership as a guest blogger. Haley is very familiar with GLOBE through her work on the GLOBE Carbon Cycle project. She was an elementary school science specialist and has now returned to the University of New Hampshire! There are new GLOBE Weather Stations at work at six schools in NH! This fall, Jen Bourgeault and I traveled to schools across New Hampshire to help install GLOBE Weather Stations.  With these stations, the students will monitor soil and air temperature, relative humidity, and rainfall as they learn...

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As you know, the theme for Phase II of the ENSO Student Research Campaign is "Taking Data to the Next Level!" For our U.S. schools, teachers, and partners, GLOBE has just announced the 2017 series of Regional Student Research Symposia (previously called GLOBE Regional Science Fairs). This is an opportune time to take your data to the next level. As the campaign lead, I will advise you to contact me at any time about how to get involved. We have a great campaign team from around the world. Learn more HERE! My email is

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Have you ever wondered how NASA Earth observing satellites are able to ground truth their data? What about satellites that collect data over the ocean? Is it ever possible to compare actual in situ data with data that is collected using remote sensing? It just so happens that there are several NASA scientists who will be doing just that- and more- from January 24th through February 20th! And, those of us who are involved in the GLOBE Program have been specially invited to participate in several aspects of this research. We are going to hear from Dr. Ivona Cetinic, the lead scientist,...

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Hi All, We are well into the Urban Heat Island/Surface Temperature Student Research Campaign. Data are coming into the GLOBE website from schools from around the world. To date there have been 43 schools that have uploaded data to the GLOBE website. As I am writing this, there are a total of 596 surface temperature observations taken and entered on the website from December 1 to December 14, 2016. That’s a whole lot of data. The most observations have come in from Rick Sharpe’s students at Huntington High School in West Virginia with a total of 202. Kim Clark’s students from John Marshall...

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Hi All, It is exciting that we started a new Urban Heat Island/Surface Temperature Student Research Campaign that was formally knows as the Surface Temperature Field Campaign. I wanted to get an email out before the campaign started, but I came down with a bad cold. 27 schools have taken observations and entered them on the GLOBE website. I know that many more of you have taken observations or are planning to take observations. If you can, please enter your observations on the GLOBE website sooner than later. I will take a look at the observations. This research campaign is a chance for me...

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