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It is the middle of winter here in Maryland, and it is cold!  We had a lot of snow last week, and are expecting more precipitation later this week.  Even though I know we have no active mosquitoes outside, I am still using the GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper.  If you are also living somewhere where mosquitoes aren't currently active, we hope you will consider collecting data as well, so you will be prepared when active mosquito season arrives.   Wondering what kind of data you can collect when there are no active mosquitoes?  Great question!  There...

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The MULTI team has LOTS going on!  January 26th at Auraria 9-12…3-D PAWS weather stations run by GLOBE.  Feb. 23rd at Auraria 9-12 …Math using climate data.  March 9th in Pueblo 9-3…water use with different stakeholders.  March 15th in Boulder 9-5…March Mosquito Madness run by GLOBE, MULTI, and the Bug Chicks.  March 16th at Auraria 10-12…Discover STEM career event. Late April possible event at CSU-launch of new science kits. May 17th-18th GLOBE Student Research Symposium in Mescalero Apache June 5-6—Summer STEM Institute and...

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Each month, we will highlight some web sites and/or literature that might be of interest to Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign participants. January 2019 "What do Satellites Tell us About Trees?" "Seeing Forests for the Trees and the Carbon: Mapping for the World's Forests in Three Dimensions"  

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WE NEED YOUR TREE HEIGHT DATA: TAKING MEASUREMENTS IS SUPER EASY! During each IOP, GLOBE students will: Take measurements of tree height and one additional protocol, from the suite of campaign protocols found at,   take measurements at least three times per week for one month at the same study site for both protocols. The tree height measurements should be of the same trees each time for each site. You can have multiple sites, thus increasing the number of trees measured. Even though...

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Hello, there! My name is Deborah and I am the librarian at the Linda Vista branch of the Pasadena Public Library. I am very excited to introduce the Linda Vista Science Club* where will be exploring the Linda Vista neighborhood in the City of Pasadena, California. We are one of three science clubs within the Pasadena Public Library that are partnering with the Los Angeles Public Library to provide its citizens with opportunities to engage in citizen science. In the next five months, we will be exploring a variety of topics including: Clouds, Surface Temperature, Tree Height,...

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