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The UND GLOBE 2018 Summer Training Workshop was scheduled for 30-31 July 2018.  Unfortunately the enrollment was not high enough so it was cancelled.   Attached is the postcard we used to advertise our GLOBE Workshop at our local Science Teacher's Association Conference. Next year, we plan to obtain a table at the conference and offer Elementary GLOBE books/binders for sale (at cost) in order to better advertise GLOBE and hopefully have more teachers want to attend our workshop.

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        By Mrs. Berthy Buah - Country Coordinator GLOBE Ghana                                                               Greater Accra Regional STMIE Coordinator   The world Mosquito Day which is celebrated annually in honouring the scientist who  first discovered that the female Anopheles mosquito transmit malaria in 1987-Sir Ronald Ross is being  used to educate people on the causes...

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Greetings from NASA and the ICESat-2 Satellite Mission,   As you may know, the NASA Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) will launch from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on September 15, 2018. ICESat-2 will be a satellite that will use an on-board laser system to measure the height of Earth’s ice, trees, oceans, geographic features, among others.   For several days before the launch, the ICESat-2 Outreach Team will be conducting many pre-launch activities, near the launch site, that showcase the ICESat-2 Mission. One of these events, in partnership...

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Hello, GLOBE Family! You may be familiar with my dichotomous cloud key!  I am a meteorologist and educator who is interested in better understanding students ideas of weather and climate related topics. Would you help me launch an international research study to compare students' understanding around the WORLD and around different climate zones? How well can our students differentiate between WEATHER and CLIMATE and how well do they understand the complex ideas of CLIMATE CHANGE. Would you be willing to have your students take 20 minutes to complete this 25...

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KHÓA TẬP HUẤN MUỖI - HỢP PHẦN THUỘC CHƯƠNG TRÌNH GLOBE Giới thiệu chương trình GLOBE và khóa tập huấn Muỗi trên thế giới và Việt Nam Trong khuôn khổ hợp tác giữa Viện Hàn lâm Khoa học và Công nghệ Việt Nam (VAST) và Cơ quan Hàng không và Vũ trụ Hoa Kỳ (NASA), kể từ năm 2016, Trung tâm Vũ trụ Việt Nam (VNSC) thuộc VAST đã trở thành cơ quan đại diện Việt Nam tham gia Chương trình GLOBE (Chương trình học tập và quan sát toàn cầu đem lại lợi ích cho môi trường) do NASA tổ chức. Theo đó, VNSC cam kết đồng hành cùng NASA và các nước trên thế giới thực hiện chương trình với mục đích kết...

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