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In May 2020, citizen scientist Carmen Mandel met two major milestones: she marked her one-year anniversary of being a GLOBE Observer and she single-handedly expanded the Clouds satellite match data by 36%. Carmen uses GLOBE Observer to record clouds 2-3 times daily every time she gets a notification that a NASA satellite is overhead. She sends her data to GLOBE, but then she records her observation in her own clouds journal. When she receives an email from NASA Langley Research Center matching her observation to satellite data, she adds that to her journal as well. On...

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Definitivamente este ha sido un año complicado; sin embargo, también pasaron cosas muy buenas. Me siento agradecida por la oportunidad de unirme a un grupo de gente súper trabajadora, creativa y apasionada de alrededor del mundo. He aprendido mucho de mis compañeros del equipo de diversidad, equidad e inclusión de GLOBE durante este año, y estoy emocionada de continuar nuestro trayecto, trabajando juntos para ayudar a que GLOBE sea una comunidad más acogedora cada día. Más que verlos como colegas, ¡considero a cada miembro de el equipo de GLOBE DEI como parte de mi familia! Este año,...

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This has definitely been a tough year, but very good things also happened! I feel grateful for the opportunity to join a group of hard-working, creative, and passionate people from around the world. My fellow members of the GLOBE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force have taught me a lot this year, and I look forward to continuing our journey, working together to help make GLOBE a more welcoming community every day. More than colleagues, I consider each member of the GLOBE DEI team, as part of my family! This year, I also witnessed the commitment and the dedication of GLOBE teachers...

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Have you ever wondered what happens after you press submit on your International Virtual Science Symposium (IVSS) report? The GLOBE Implementation Office (GIO) Education team gets to work! Ok, that might be a little misleading because work on the IVSS already started back in August when we started planning for the 2021 IVSS. And while learning about planning webinars and recruiting judges might be something you are interested in; this is not what this blog post will cover. This is the “story” of what happens after teachers upload their students’ projects and press the big blue SUBMIT...

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