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Este año queremos que ustedes aprovechen al máximo las herramientas de GLOBE y de esta forma participar activamente en la promoción de la ciencia en sus escuelas. Los retamos a usar el blog para comentar sus experiencia, inicien con pequeños artículos de uno o dos párrafos, poco a poco se convertirá en grandes difusores de la ciencia en sus escuelas y para el país.      

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Classroom education has become the primary method of early learning from preschool to college, adult continuing education and job training. Educators and trainers, as well as the students themselves, would benefit from knowing ways to engage in the classroom and improve learning to take in information faster and comprehend it more completely. People are now using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to improve learning. The goal for teachers and students using NLP is to develop a connection between them and improve communication. If the student feels that the teacher relates to her,...

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Two of the teachers participating in the MARRS Institute during June 2019 at Jackson State University discovered data uncharacteristic of Arizona. They concluded that the school must not use xeriscaping! Caption  

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The density box was new to most teachers at the workshop held on December 7 at Xavier University of New Orleans. I encourage this activity when teaching weather to reinforce the concept of density. Caption  

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I led a teacher workshop at Xavier University of Louisiana on the new GLOBE Weather Curriculum. Teachers left with lots of new knowledge, great ideas, and supplies.  Setting up the Sunny Day bottles Caption Caption Caption Setting up the density box demo that I wanted to share. Most teachers had never seen this.  

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