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This has been a great year for the Urban Heat Island/Surface Temperature Student Research Campaign. More schools and more students have participated than ever before. I posted a 7 minute "Thank You" video here on Youtube. Urban Heat Island is a growing issue worldwide. More than 50% of the population of the world lives in urban areas. Much of this growth has been in developing. I went to research presentations about UHI at the American Association of Geography (AAG) meeting in New Orleans this week. There were many talks about UHI and using satellite imagery...

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Eight-grade students from Our Lady of Mount Carmel School have been very active during our GLOBE 2017-18 U.S. Air Quality Student Research Campaign. In fact, they recently submitted their team projects to the GLOBE 2018 International Virtual Science Symposium. All students have done remarkable work and one of the most important skills they have developed is collaboration. Among these students, one of them stood out for becoming a Calitoo expert user and for helping not only the members of her own team, but also the members of all other teams, with her accurate AOT measurements. This...

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Did you know that NASA Applied Sciences has a Water Resources Program? Check it out HERE!

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Візит делегації вихованців та педагогів  Івано-Франківської міської дитячої екологічної  станції до середньої школи с.Шааб, що в Ізраїлі   Людей і держави зближують спільні повсякденні клопоти й прагнення. Ми маємо спільне бажання створити нове, щасливе майбутнє для наших людей. Спасибі вам за плідну співпрацю між нашими чудовими містами й країнами! Хочемо подякувати за теплий прийом, гостинність і захоплюючу культурну програму, надану нам під час візиту.   Впродовж  22-27 березня 2018 року, делегація учнів та педагогів Івано-Франківської міської...

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The GLOBE Clouds team got to celebrate World Meteorological Day with the Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, Dr. Petteri Taalas through a Facebook live filmed live from NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA.    Join the celebration by watching the recorded Facebook live below.     View event on Facebook at -

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