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One of the most important parts of the scientific process is communicating results, and a major aspect of that is displaying the data. Often, that means some sort of graph. However, it’s not always easy to decide which type of graph to use to best convey the message you want it to. Graphs should tell the story of the data, and it takes attention to the type of graph as well as formatting and style choices to ensure that the story is told well. You may need to try different graphs displaying the same data before you figure out the most effective way to communicate your story. Here are a...

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The 2017-18 GLOBE U.S. Air Quality Student Research Campaign is well underway in the United States! There are 34 school participating with more joining as the weeks go by: Broadalbin Perth High School (Alicia Dobyns) Cassadaga Middle School (Sandi Askin) Crestwood High School (Diana Johns) * Elizabeth City Middle School (Wanda Hathaway) Fredonia Middle School (Amy Lauer) Hamburg High School (Kaci Nowadly) Kipp Intrepid Prep School (Robert Bujosa) Life Academy (Sarah Pipping) * Main Street Intermediate School (Marcy Burns) Met Sacramento High School...

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Our hazel at Medical school Varaždin has started blooming.

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These are our trees in the winter in the snow at Medical School Varaždin  

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When we observe scientists, sometimes we think that they were born with a lab coat, glasses and knowing everything about the world around them, or at least it was my idea when I was child, but all scientists have been students like you and me when they were children, they attended school, enjoyed some courses and maybe disliked others. How did they decide to become scientists? What was their motivation to pursue a career in science?  and what is the impact of GLOBE in their personal and professional lives?  Let´s read some personal stories from GLOBE scientists.   ...

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