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There will be a special Google hangout for GLOBE teachers and scientists on Feb 15 at 7pm (ET ).  During this event, we will learn about the results of the research from several scientists who were onboard the research vessel, and will have a chance to ask questions about this work and results. No registration required- open to any GLOBE teacher and/or scientist! Please share this! GLOBE Educator Webinar - Feb 15, 7pm ET Agenda below: Overview (~45 min program) Learn about an ongoing Earth science expedition with NASA scientists...

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Hi All, The Urban Heat Island/Surface Temperature Research Campaign was very successful this year. There were a total of 1306 surface temperature observations from 59 schools during the Urban Heat Island/Surface Temperature Research Campaign. Schools that have participated so far (I put the country the schools are in and the state for the schools in the United States): 21CCLC Newport Community School - 12 Al Fisaliah Gifted School at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – 10 Al-Anjal Intermediate Schoo at Rejal Alma’a, Saudi Arabia - 2 Al-Fahd Secondary School at Rejal Alma'a, Saudi...

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Students from Mr. Jeff Bouwman’s science class at Shumate Middle School in Gibraltar, MI are not just budding scientists, but artists as well. Check out the awesome wall mural they have created just Mr. Bouwman’s classroom. #NASASMAP #GettingScienceDone #ShumateScience

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Onboard the Falkor, the research for the " Sea to Space Particle Investigation " is going strong!  You can read the blogs from various researchers and technicians at  

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While in Thailand, last month Peter and I met one of Kris and Mullica’s graduate students, who is involved with the regular collection of GLOBE weather data and is learning about the ENSO cycle. He and I chatted a lot about what he is doing, and he took us to see one of the automated weather stations that is situated in a mountain village about 30 minutes out of Nakhom Si Thammarat.  We had gotten to this southern part of Thailand about a week after some very serious flooding had killed 38 people, devastated many homes and villages, and had even shut the airport down- which had...

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