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Announcing GLOBE India as Host of the 2014 GLOBE Learning Expedition
The GLOBE Program Office is pleased to announce the selection of GLOBE India as our host for the 2014 GLOBE Learning Expedition (GLE). Mark your calendars for New Delhi, during the first week of August 2014.  >>

Call for STEM Stories
If you are a student, whose GLOBE experience has helped you to develop your creative-thinking, problem-solving and technical skills, or has inspired you to pursue a career in STEM, we want to hear from you. If you are a teacher who has been inspired to further your training in STEM or have gone on to pursue a new career in one of these fields, as an outgrowth of your GLOBE experience, we want to hear from you, too.  >>

2013 Surface Temperature Field Campaign
The Surface Temperature Field Campaign, held annually since 2006, focuses on the impacts of snow on Earth's temperature. GLOBE Partner Dr. Kevin Czajkowski and researchers at the University of Toledo, Ohio, USA, would like to engage as many GLOBE students as possible to take surface temperature observations during the month of December 2013.  >>

Image of the Week - 1 November 2013
Two young students visit the GLOBE Student Art Exhibition on display through December 2013 at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) In Boulder, Colorado. The Exhibition features GLOBE student artwork created by GLOBE students around the world to illustrate the 2013 GLOBE calendar.  >>

GLOBE Welcomes New Country Coordinator for Costa Rica
The GLOBE Community welcomes Virginia Aguilar as the new Country Coordinator for Costa Rica.  >>

The November 2013 News Brief
See all the news in one place. Read the November 2013 GLOBE News Brief!  >>

The November 2013 News Brief
See all the news in one place. Read the November 2013 GLOBE News Brief!  >>

NOAA Teacher at Sea 2014 – Deadline Extended
Since 1990, NOAA's Teacher at Sea Program has enabled more than 600 teachers to gain first-hand experience of science and life at sea by taking part in research expeditions on ships. Teachers, read more about this opportunity.  >>

Technology Update - How to Set Up a GLOBE Account
A new Training Video is now available for the GLOBE Community. This video will instruct you on how to set up all the features in your website account to enhance collaboration with others users and have your work correctly update the GLOBE metrics to help NASA and the GPO better support The GLOBE Program.  >>

Thai Students Research Effects of Nitrates on Local Wetlands
Students of the Bueng Khong Long Wittaya School, in northeast Thailand, were concerned about the water quality of the local Bueng Khong Long wetland because of the extensive use of chemical fertilizers on rice farms and rubber plantations in the area. They decided to do a research project to examine the issue.  >>