FAQs - Certificates

Tutorial: GLOBE Certificates

To learn how to download and edit the certificate template and text document, you can follow the guide below:

Download the Certificate Template

  1. Go to the GLOBE.gov site
  2. At the top of the page, hover over the "Support" tab
  3. Hover over "Community Multimedia Resource"
  4. Select "GLOBE Certificate Template
  5. Download the PowerPoint and Doc template files

Modify the Certificate Template 

  1. Open the downloaded file or files in your word processing software of choice
    • Note: The tutorials shown below use Google Sheets and Google Docs
  2. Using the Doc file as a guide, modify the text on the PowerPoint template certificate accordingly
  3. Modify the participant's name
  4. Modify the date
  5. Remove any pieces of the certificate you do not want to use, for example, the optional signature line
  6. Save the template file as a PDF


Bulk Creation of GLOBE Certificates

There may be situations where you want to create several certificates at the same time, for example, after a large GLOBE workshop or teacher training. To learn how to create GLOBE certificates in bulk, you can watch the tutorial below: