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NASA Seeks STEM Teachers to Develop/Test Science Curriculum (Grades 05-12) Designed to Use Resources for Teaching Systems Science

Photo of the Earth and Sun (Credit: NASA HEAT)

NASA Heliophysics Education Activation Team (HEAT) is seeking highly motivated, creative STEM teachers to help develop and test science curriculum designed to use NASA resources for teaching systems science. (Systems Science is an interdisciplinary field that studies the complexity of systems in nature.) Receive $2,500 stipend, plus NASA resources for the classroom, for participating in 52 hours of virtual workshop time and pilot-testing co-developed lessons in the classroom!

Applications are due 30 May.

Goal: To create innovative STEM curriculum using a systems-based approach to teaching science.

Objectives: Teachers will be able to:

  • increase knowledge of fundamental heliophysics concepts and how they connect to NGSS
  • create and test resources
  • engage students in systems science using NASA resources

Virtual Meeting Schedule

There will be a five-day meeting, from 27 June through 01 July; two fall meetings (two hours) in October and November; and four 2023 meetings (two hours), in January, February, April, and May.

To learn more, and to complete your application, click here.

For more information, contact: Christina Milotte, NASA HEAT Education Specialist at:


NASA HEAT’s goal is to bring heliophysics (the study of the Sun and how it influences space) and NASA discoveries to learning spaces across the United States. Everyone is affected by the Sun. Using such a widely familiar object that is so central to the Earth system can be an exciting way to engage a diverse set of audiences in STEM.

Heliophysics is interdisciplinary and can be effectively used to engage students in math, physics, chemistry, and biology, moving science education toward a model for teaching systems science.

NASA HEAT is committed to providing educators with the NGSS-connected resources they need to successfully incorporate heliophysics into their curricula and programming, while integrating NASA discoveries into STEM education.

To learn more about NASA HEAT, click here.

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office



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