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Read the Latest Community Blog: “NASA GLOBE Clouds Student Highlights: Kevin Ivey”

NASA GLOBE Clouds team with summer intern (from left to right: Tina Rogerson, Kevin Ivey, Marilé Colón Robles)
NASA GLOBE Clouds team with summer intern (from left to right: Tina Rogerson, Kevin Ivey, Marilé Colón Robles)

Have you read the latest GLOBE Community Blog, “NASA GLOBE Clouds Student highlights: Kevin Ivey”?

“The NASA GLOBE Clouds team has been delighted to have recent high school graduate Kevin Ivey this summer as our intern through NASA's Internships and Fellowships program. Read about his experience this summer as he tackled big data!” NASA GLOBE Clouds Project Scientist Marilé Colón Robles said, introducing Keven Ivey in the blog:

“I’m Kevin Ivey and I’ve been interning with NASA GLOBE Clouds at NASA Langley Research Center this summer. I graduated high school in June and I’ll be a first-year at the University of Virginia this fall where I plan to study computer science,” Ivey explained in the blog.

“My work this summer involved the GLOBE Clouds satellite matching. When a clouds observation is made, it can be matched to a variety of satellites if certain conditions are met. I investigated observations that matched to two or more satellites where the total cloud cover reported by the satellites differed by more than 10 percent, a “satellite mismatch.” Through my investigation, I discovered some bugs in our current match code, leading me to redevelop the code. In addition, I found various weather patterns and conditions that are difficult for satellites to handle, both causing the mismatch and showing the need for ground observations, especially ground-based images.”

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